Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tips for Success! Ways to become successful in physics.

Physics Success
There are many ways to be successful in physics. Those methods include time management and outside class checkup, organization, devotion, and communication.
Time management plays an important role in succeeding in one’s goals.  The first step to managing one’s time is coming to class on time.  This gives the feeling that you are prepared and ready for class.  The student needs to put aside time at home to check the website daily to make sure that nothing has been updated so the student won’t fall behind and that they know what is coming.  Doing so will give the feeling of being self-sufficient and confident that they will know what to do if something new arises or the student has difficulty with a problem.  Such as asking questions on the wiki with enough time for a guaranteed response.
Organization is the second step to becoming successful in physics.  Being organized helps remembrance, preparation, and readiness.  The actual organization part is self-explanatory.  The student just needs to know where everything is in an orderly fashion that will even be strait-forward to a stranger.  When one is organized it is easy to follow what is happening, what he or she needs, and a better way to learn or recall the information given in class.  It also help to prepare the student for class and to bring the required materials.  Organization helps ready the student for constant assessment in and outside class.  Besides having everything orderly, the student needs to use an assignment notebook to help keep up with assignments and manage time.  By  using the assignment notebook the student can also tell if he or she needs to complete makeup work and, by using the time management tips, can properly find an appropriate time to complete them.  Organization is the key to self-confidence and assurance.
Communication is another important role is success.  The student needs to know when to seek help either through the wiki or in person. He or she needs to know that they should not be shy and no one will judge them if they need help.
The final step is devotion.  The student needs to be devoted to the class to succeed in all ways, not just by grade. Devotion means being willing to learn no matter what it involves.  Examples are reading every paper or handout thoroughly, taking notes, and actively participating in class and not using it as time to socialize.  Learning includes the vocabulary and symbols, not just the overall idea, and working hard to solve all the problems.
One way to solve problems is the four-step rule.  The four-step rule is to one, write down what is given and what needs solving, two, write an equation, three, substitute, and last, check your answer.  But remember, the student needs to know not to rush to solve the problem but to find a strategy.
Success is earned through many ways. Whether organization, time management, or devotion is what needs the most work, it will always come to those who  try their hardest.


  1. Excellent posting!
    I really like how you identified key words like organization, communication and devotion, pretty neat!
    I would recommend using a larger font as your audience might have difficulty reading (yeah, like me:))

  2. I like how you have written your tips. I find it interesting that your paragraph over organization is surprisingly longer than the other tips. So do you think that organization is one of the most important steps?