Tuesday, January 25, 2011

ENERGY, ἐνέργεια, Энергия, 能源, Energi (in whatever language you want), it's in Everyday Life

       Energy is a conserved quantity that can change.  It can be transfered from one method to another and also stored in many other ways but it always remains the same amount.  There is elastic, gravitational, kinetic, and potential energy.  Work can be imputed to show the change in the net force as well.  Energy is not just used in physics textbooks, but in everyday life, such as.........   ROCKETS!!!!!  

Helpful Hint: on the glogster the text is large so it is easier to read, that means less space so in every text box you have to scroll.

Rockets Energy Glogster

Picture taken from blog "Les Blog more Art!'


  1. Great work!You have a few errors though. In your introduction, you mispelled "quantity." Also, when you list the type of energies, you should state the word "energy" somewhere there because it really isn't exactly clear what you are listing. You say "work can be added to the equation." What equation? Remember, you want to be as clear as possible. I also suggest that you read ALOUD your entire blog to yourself that way you can catch any other mispellings that you and I have missed. All in all, it looks like an A! -sk

  2. Great job, very creative idea.
    Please review the guidelines of the posting as you are missing some elements (equations with variables and units).
    Also, see the comment above for good suggestions.
    Looking forward to reading your final posting!

  3. Thanks Sabeeh and Mrs. Gende!!! It was a lot of help. The blogger doesn't have spell check so it helps to have someone else check it. Also thank you for letting me know that I was missing units. I thought it just meant what are the units of the different forms of energy. I also know that when the page is first opened, the glog is slightly missaligned, you just need to refresh the page in it sould straiten out.