Tuesday, May 10, 2011

If It's Amusement...

        Nordic and Co. was thrilled to be commissioned to build a amusement ride for the new upcoming iPhone App theme park.   We carefully chose Robot Unicorn Attack as our first ride's theme due to the awesomeness of the game and the superiorness that these horses would have, sitting proudly on their carousel, being able to guard the park from any point of view.  Then, as our second ride, we chose cut the rope, a game only for the skilled.  In this game, the player has to carefully guide the candy into the monster's mouth, but in the ride, you want anything but to be swallowed up by it.  Cut the Rope is a pendulum ride where the player is the candy!  Our rides display a multitude of physics, from centripetal force to simple harmonic motion; we strive to do the very best for our customers.  Come to the park when it opens to experience for yourself the conservation of energy and velocity and feel the iPhone power all around you!
Located in room 2165, down the great hall.

For interest in our testing and the specifications of our ride, go to Nordic and Co. Testing Site

prezi presentation coming soon!

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